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Hi guys!

My name is Léah (duh), I am 29 years old and originally French, I moved to Germany when I was 6 years old.

After Ary and I finished school my plan was to take a gap year to travel the world and then come back to Hamburg to study law or psychology. Well, life had its own plan for me and after my first travel to South Africa to volunteer and work with wildlife, I fell in love with the beauty of Africa and my now husband.

After one month in SA, I came back to Germany for 10 days, sold all of my belongings and well that was that. Since then I have been working with wildlife which, finally led me to hospitality and the leading of teams, which I believe to be my destiny.

I love my life and it's honestly all that I hoped for as a little girl, living within nature and being able to help people. Other than that I would like to describe myself as the kind of girl that drives to the Farmer’s market in her SUV to buy her vegan cupcake whilst listening to Gangster rap, oh and don't forget my dogs in the back. I love my daily yoga sessions, making nourishing food and being a strong women because well it gives me the ability to inspire other women.


Aryana about Léah

"I met Léah in High School when I moved to Hamburg and we joined the same class. I remember like it was yesterday when I saw her and tbh I was a little intimidated at first. You know, mostly girls in that age are a little naive and insecure. But not Léah. She was so beautiful and had such a strong and dominant aura despite her age.

I feel like she always knew who she was and what she wanted and didn't give a shit about what people thought. She always knew her worth and never accepted less. Even though we were the same age, she was a strong female role model for me. We quickly became friends and thanks to her High School was so much fun. Starting with the car rides in the morning when she picked me up with the messy but beloved "Susi" to the funniest class trip to Barcelona.

She makes me laugh so hard with her sassy humor and coarse language. Léah is a loyal person, protective of her loved ones and I know she always has my back. I'm so thankful that after all those years and despite the fact that we live on different continents we remain to stay close. Whenever we see each other, it's like nothing changed, as if she never moved away.

Guys, I can tell you that she is someone you can look up to, a true dreamer who chases her goals with faith and hard work. Her strength, will power and doer-mentality are features that will always inspire me. I consider myself so lucky to call such an amazing woman, queen and lioness one of my closest friends."

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