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IPL - hair removal, our experience (at home & at the spa)

Léah - spa treatment

I used to hate shaving as I have (very) dry skin and dark roots.

So, shaving would damage my skin plus you would always end up seeing spots in any case (because of the roots). Waxing was better, but I find it very time consuming, even though I don’t have a lot of hair growth, but since I stay out of town, driving into town is always a time-consuming exercise. So, I started waxing myself, which worked nicely but honestly I find it super messy. Doesn’t help to have smooth legs but they are bruised from you pulling the wax of too hard or you are full of sticky wax because you didn’t pull hard enough.

So, I decided to start IPL treatments. I started with my legs and my underarms. I had heard about the home device, but I am a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to things like that, so I chose the treatment at my spa. My experience was honestly pleasant.

My therapist did a test upfront to see how my skin would react and after I showed no reaction, we started the treatment. I went for 5 treatments in total. We would do the treatment, 7 days later I had to wax or get waxed and three weeks later come in for my next session. The hair got less but was not gone completely (after 5 sessions) and after about a year I decided to go to another place, an amazing Medispa in Windhoek. I booked 5 sessions for my downstairs ;) and decided to also redo my legs and underarms. The procedure here was kind of different. Rule was ABSOLUTELY NO WAXING. My therapist explained to me that the whole success of IPL was because you burn the root of your hair, if you wax it, the success of that process is not the same since you pull the root out and it regrows. I am no beauty therapist but to me it kind of sounds logic. Treatment was more painful than before, downstairs definitely not as bad as I thought though, however I am also quite hardcore when it comes to pain so someone else might feel different. After these 5 sessions and 2 more for my legs and underarms, all in 4-week intervals, my hair is now completely gone. I am honestly super happy about having made the decision even though it was expensive - I would never go back. So, if you have the money and are not a fan of doing things the DIY style you should definitely talk to your trusted local spa or beauty therapist.

Aryana - at home device

As a woman with persian genes hair removal is a really important issue lol.

No, jokes aside I’m blessed to be not thaaaat hairy but still this topic can be so annoying and even stressful for some. Shaving was literally the worst for me. I needed to shave every second day and never really had smooth skin. Then I switched to waxing/sugaring myself which was working pretty well. BUT I still got a little tired of it and was searching for a long term solution.

IPL Treatments are extremely expensive in Germany. So I decided to buy myself an at-home Laser Hair Removal Device. My device is from Phillips and is called “Lumea Prestige” ( This is not a sponsored post but a true recommendation. I feel like it’s my duty as a woman to share with you guys. The “Lumea Prestige” is also not the cheapest thing but it’s one of the best investments I have ever done.

Of course I was a little worried and didn’t want to burn myself. But the “Lumea Prestige” comes with a skin sensor which tells you what heat level you need. This way it’s impossible to hurt yourself. The laser burns the hair and destroys the roots so it won’t grow again. I’m also recommending to shave and not wax before the treatment to get the best results.

The device comes with different heads, so you can basically use it for your WHOLE body and face (byebye to mustache and sideburns too!)

One session took me up to 3h because I do literally my whole body (even the little hair on the toe lol). For me it’s also not really painful. It just gets pretty hot for a second. The only part that hurts me a little is downstairs ;)

It takes a couple sessions to get hairfree. The first 4-6 sessions you do each session in a 2-week-interval. After that you laser yourself a couple more times every 6-8 weeks. That meant for me that I was hairfree in about 6 months and it’s the best feeling in the world! Now I do it 2x a year just to make sure that it won’t grow back.

So if you don’t have the money and don’t mind the DIY style, then I’ll recommend you to save a little and treat yourself with this miracle device. It’s such a game changer!

(Lastly I think it’s important to say that IPL isn’t working for everybody unfortunately. It doesn’t work for people with very dark skin or red and grey hair. It works the best for light skin and dark hair.)

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