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Intermittent fasting

Since my last post about "What I eat in a day", some of you have been showing interest in my diet and specifically why I do intermittent fasting.

Before I start telling you about my diet, and I don't like the word diet because it has a short term association to it, I prefer lifestyle change as this should be something you stick to and not do for 2 months just to get your beach body, I want to say that this is not for everybody. Every body is different and you need to find your own limitations and what works for you. For example, I am not sure if intermittent fasting is a good solution for somebody that has a slow metabolism.

Since I can remember I have had issues with my digestion and about 2 years ago it got really bad. I felt bloated a lot of the times and had really bad cramps. My doctor diagnosed me with IBS. This meant I had to give up on a lot of the foods I really enjoyed so I decided to look for another solution. This is when I discovered intermittent fasting.

Being very fitness orientated, I was trained to eat as soon as I woke up (to get my metabolism going). When I started with intermittent fasting I slowly started to change that. And I believe the key word here is SLOWLY. So I went from eating at 7am to eating at 8am to 9am and so forth until I would make it to 11am without a problem. I never starved myself or went hungry. I don't believe in that and don't encourage anyone to do that as it can be really bad for your health. I usually eat my last meal no later then 7pm, which gives me an intermittent fasting cycle of 8/16. Meaning I eat for 8 hours and I don't for 16 hours.

I also want to point out that there is relatively little research done on intermittent fasting and you need to make sure that you are not compromising your health. Especially as a women it is recommended to not surpass the 16 hours of fasting. After all, our bodies are made to nourish two so there are some doctors that say it can have an effect on your fertility as a women. And please under no circumstances do any form of fasting if you are attempting on getting pregnant/are pregnant or breastfeeding.

But back to my journey and why I love intermittent fasting.

Since I have been on this "diet" I rarely get bloated or have cramps. I also feel I have more energy plus I look and feel better. Loosing weight was not my main focus when starting this and I eat normal during the rest of the days but I believe that because you give your stomach a break your whole digestion is improved. It makes sense to me that humans were not supposed to constantly shuf food in our mouths. As caveman we definitely did not have the chance to do that, so it's important for our stomachs to have a chance to rest and create all these good bacteria's we need for a functioning digestion.

I also want to point out that intermittent fasting does not restrict you from eating anything. I see some weird ads going around telling you you can't eat certain food groups which is absolute BS. Of course you should avoid any processed foods but this counts for any healthy lifestyle. I also have coffee with almond milk in the morning and if I feel hungrier then 11am, for example if I had a light dinner or hard workout, I also eat earlier. It's all about balance and listening to your body.

So if you are looking at improved digestion, give intermittent fasting a try. Remember to start slowly and give your body and yourself time to get used to the change.

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