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How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s think about why we can’t reach our goals year after year. Why can’t we quit smoking? Lose weight? Eat healthier? Exercise more? Read more books?

Most of us make a crucial mistake: We don’t think about upcoming problems or struggles while writing down our New Year’s Resolutions. Did you think about a strategy or solution for whenever you crave a cigarette or chips? Did you consider what to do for whenever you don’t feel like exercising? It’s super hard to change habits, so we have to be prepared for this kind of situations!

Common Struggles (applies to chasing all kinds of goals)

  1. Being lazy/ not feeling like it

  2. Feeling not good enough

  3. Feeling overwhelmed/anxious

  4. Scared of what other people might think

  5. No time


  1. If you feel lazy, you can try to motivate yourself by visualising your goal. Another solution can be to take a smaller step than originally planned (e.g. exercise 10mins instead of 30mins). A small step is better than none! Mostly just the start is difficult. Once you start, you likely end up keeping going!

  2. It’s super sad that we think we are not good enough. Often it’s completely wrong and rooted in self-doubt. Most of the time we are better than we think. And even if not - every expert started as a beginner! Everyone "sucks" in the beginning.

  3. You are overwhelmed by your huge goals? You feel like you’ll never reach it? It’s just too much, too big? You don't even know where to begin? Break your huge goal into smaller subgoals. What do you have to do this month, week or today to get one step closer to your dream?

  4. There is no such thing as “no time”. It’s all about priorities. What is really important for you? And don’t cut out on things like sleep. Sleep is so important!! You can decrease the time on your phone, Netflix and so on!

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