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How to love yourself

I love myself, a lot, I think I am awesome, and I am not afraid to say it.

It’s sad how society has taught us that being proud of who we are and showing it to the world is a form of arrogance. Especially as women.

Being humble is an amazing quality and I strive towards being humbler every day, but it is just as important as recognizing your value. There are two things that we should be telling ourselves every morning when we look in the mirror.

1. First of all, put on your crown, you are a queen.

2. Once you have done that remind yourself that you are only human.

Basically, what this mean is that you are a queen and you can do whatever you set your heart on, however you are also only human so forgive yourself for mistakes and for the bad days. Also, it reminds you to stay grounded and never think that you are anything better than anybody else.

But back to the question: how to love yourself?

I believe this is a process and something that unfortunately a lot of us have not learned because of our parents or society. If this is you, then you might have a long way before you and you need to realize this: You need to love yourself for life to love you back.

If we don’t love ourselves, we set ourselves up for unhappiness in so many ways.

In a relationship you will never be happy because how can you believe the other person loves you if you don’t love yourself? In your career or in terms of achieving anything you will continuously set yourself up for failure because you can’t see your own good qualities, what makes you unique and special. How can you make the world believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? No matter where you are on your self-love train, I think it is important to remind yourself how great you are. Like I said, I love myself and I know what all my amazing qualities are but believe me I also have my dark days where I just hate myself and think I suck at everything. This is where my amazing husband steps in and reminds me of everything I have achieved and all the lives I have touched.

Something you can easily do to either kick start your self-love journey or to have a friendly reminder when you hit the dark days or even just need a confidence booster: write it down! There are so many powerful benefits to writing things down, one of them being the manifestation process within our own mind. Make a list of everything that is great about you and if you struggle call your loved ones, I am sure they will have amazing things to say about you that you don’t even realize you have within you. You can keep this list in your purse or even print it out and place it in a beautiful frame where you can see it every day. It is basically like a love letter to yourself. Read it whenever you need, this might be every morning or every evening or just every now and then. You know when you will need it most. Realize how unique, amazing and beautiful you are.

Another great technique is to journal. Every morning or every evening, take 5 min out of your day and write down the following: What did I do great today? What was a positive experience? What am I grateful for?

Training your brain to focus on the positive is so important as I feel most of us have been taught to focus on the bad. Even just writing down 5 things that you were grateful for today is an amazing positivity booster. Write down the little things like "I had an amazing cup of coffee" or "the nice waiter I had for lunch", after all life is all about the little things we tend to forget. And you can focus those 5 things on yourself. "I am proud of myself for waking up early to exercise." "I am proud for just being today." "My hair looked amazing today."

I am proud of you, even though I might not know you, I am proud of you for everything that you are and are yet to become. You are here, in this beautiful life, for a reason. Even though you may not yet know what that reason is, let your light shine.

I love the following quote because I feel it sums up life as the journey that it is.

“I don’t know where I am going, but I am on my way!”

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