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How to Get a Raise

This article is not only for women, men you are welcome to use the below tips and tricks for yourself, after all, success is for everyone

How to ask for a raise seems to be an issue for women that has been around for a while now.

Women are still developing and finding their feet in a world where 100 years ago we were not allowed to work, vote or pretty much do anything without asking our husband or father for permission. And even though 100 years sounds like a lot, it's very natural that certain subjects concerning work or success, like money and leadership, don't come as natural to us as they come to our counterpart.

A lot of us have still grown up with the belief that they need to be "well behaved women" and that the men in the family wear the pants and bring food to the table.

We are also naturally the care takers and with that comes our biggest problem when it comes to asking for a raise, we never want to make the people around us uncomfortable.

We are also way more likely to doubt ourselves compared to men. Men apply for a job if they qualify for 60% of the job’s needs, women only when they feel confident they qualify for 100%.

All of this brings me to my main point of this blog post.

We need to stop blaming our (male) CEO's or company owners for the imbalance in salaries between male and female team members. You get what you ask for.

Believe me, there are very little managers that will throw money at you if they don't have to. And who can blame them? After all it is their job to make the company as profitable as possible.

So instead of moping if you find out your male colleague is earning double your salary, take action, here is how:

First of all, we really need to start believing in ourselves more. For me personally this has never been an issue, however I see it a lot with other females.

We can do anything, if not even better. The Future is Female and you need to start believing it, breathing it and doing it!

So start believing that you really deserve this raise. And if you suffer from impostor syndrome, like a lot of females do, fake it till you make it.

Practice your speech in front of the mirror until you don't laugh or nervously shake anymore.

Practice it with friends and family and ask them for feedback.

Secondly, why not?

Why the hell not? Why not is honestly one of my favorite questions to ask myself when I am doubting myself with anything. Usually after asking this question I can think of nothing bad and only the best possible outcome comes to mind. Then, I smile and I go for it!

So why shouldn't you ask for a raise if you have tackled the above and you believe in yourself?

What is the worst that can happen?

They don't give it to you. Nobody is going to judge you or, god forbid, fire you.

Once you have made the decision to ask for your raise make sure you are prepared. As I said before, for me it was never an issue to believe in myself, to know I deserved more but I was naive. I wasn't prepared for a come back, I wasn't prepared well enough to make my case.

Think of every possible argument they could have and make sure to have a damn good answer. Again, practice this with your most cutthroat friend, they will make sure to put you in a crossfire and prepare you for your "battle".

Make sure you know exactly how you benefit the company and what you bring to the table.

Make sure you have your facts right, do some market research of what people in your position usually earn. After all you can't ask for an insane number, well unless you are the absolute best. Which should definitely be your goal!

You will also need to be prepared for the case that they don't give you what you have asked for. What are you going to do? What will this mean for your future with the company?

If negotiating is an option, know before hand what your minimum is. Maybe you can agree on more time off or further benefits instead of a higher salary. Make sure not to give up too easily.

Or, does this mean you will hand in your resignation and look for another job that will give you what you want?

Something I have seen a lot of times btw is that once you resign the company is willing to give you way more then what you have initially asked for, funny how some things work. Please note that this does not at all mean that you should take a chance and hand in your resignation without having a plan of how you are going to get by. Be bold, not stupid!

If you definitely want to stay with the company or maybe you don't have another option, make sure you ask your manager for a performance plan. What do you need to achieve for them to give you that raise? Schedule a meeting for your next review the same day and make sure to crush it until then.

Go for it, nothing is in your way, you got this!

As usual I would love to hear your success story!

Lots of love, Leah

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