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Challenge accepted?

I am sure you have seen the new #challengeaccepted, where women are encouraged to post a black &white photo of themselves with a motivational quote on strong women.

It seems this Challenge has been created for women to show their support and appreciation for each other.

I was intrigued but also immediately did some research, what did the nay-sayers say?

Yes, we live in a world where it has never been easier to share your opinion and of course everything always creates some form of discussion.

#challengeaccepted seems to get criticism from women because they feel posting a selfie reduces us to our looks and that we should rather be posting about latest female work or literature that has inspired us.

I get it; however, I also feel one can always find something negative to say and why not use this challenge to embrace our beauty, our physical differences that make us so god damn beautiful in so many ways and, of course our strengths!

Is there more that we can do? heck yes!

But if this form of nominating women is a start to empowering each other, then I am in.

But maybe we can take it a little further and when nominating someone tell them why we nominated them. What makes them a strong woman? How have they inspired you?

This would create a form of actual support.

So often we tear each other down, judge each other, use certain words to describe each other we feel offended by when men dare to use them.

Let’s use this Challenge to make each other feel good, inspire one another and remind ourselves of all the reasons we have to love ourselves.

( Did you read my blog post on how to love yourself yet?)

Some say the reason for posting a black and white photo and this challenge actually came from Turkey, a country where violence against women is a massive issue, much like in South Africa. So the Challenge goes deeper then us just supporting one another but also to stand up for ourselves and stand together and against femicide. A subject we should ALL be concerned about and stand up for.

I don't know where or why the challenge started but I think it is our duty as women to dig a little deeper before participating in any challenge. We all want to be part of something but is this really going to be created by posting a selfie and that is that? I am always amazed about how we, as humans, can all stand together, at least for a short period of time, but as fast as these movements come, they go.

Us women really need to learn how to have each other’s backs and stop this high school attitude of there is only one piece of cake left. It seems that we have learned that to be successful in a world led by men there can only be one! That’s BS!

This started with us and it has to end with us.

Let’s lift each other up today!

So to hopefully create something beautiful, I would like to challenge everybody that reads this post to tell one women why she inspires you, why she is strong, why she is beautiful and why you admire her!

If you find yourself in an abusive relationship, please reach out! There are many institutions that can be found online and otherwise Ary and I are always here for you to talk.

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