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Best of Bali I

If you are anything like Ary and myself, chances are high you CAN'T wait to travel again.

One of our favorite locations is Bali so we really wanted to recommend adding this one to your bucket list, if it's not already on there, and give you are favorite highlights!

Bali is really one of these places that are magical. Bali seems to attract all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons.

I have always dreamed about Bali and finally in 2018 I planned my trip.

I spend 8 nights there, which was way to short and now can't wait to go back again.

If you also have limited time, here are my personal highlights.

Arriving in Bali I spend the first nights in Nusa Dua.

Nusa Dua is an area in Bali where you'll find most of your upmarket hotels. We stayed at the Hilton, which has a nice beach front but I missed the local touch. When I travel I like to get to know the actual culture of a country, I definitely did not do enough of that this time.

My highlight here was definitely the restaurant Bumbu Bali , which I can highly recommend.

The food is out of this world and you get a local dance performance.

Make sure to make a reservation upfront.

My highlight outing here was a private tour to a priest in the North of Bali. It was amazing to drive trough the villages and rice fields while the driver told me a little more about the balinese culture. I was alone, which made it even more special.

The priest and I sat down and tried to communicate as much as possible and he did a cleansing and manifesting ceremony where at the end you get washed with ice cold water.

This tour can be booked from all corners of Bali, so it's not restricted to a stay in Nusa Dua.

You can book this tour here

From Nusa Dua we also went to visit Sunday's beach club, which is definitely worth it if you are looking for a relaxing day. The beaches in Bali are not the prettiest but this is a great option.

Next I went to Ubud. We stayed in a good airbnb where chickens woke us up every morning :D (definitely not a highlight)

However since we stayed in a little side road, I immediately felt like we were actually in Bali.

Ubud is great because you can just walk anywhere, the traffic is just crazy, which was a bit upsetting as I wanted to visit some restaurants just outside of the main town area but it was just not worth driving over an hour. The market that everybody praises was okay, very touristy but I definitely enjoyed the Monkey Forest. Please take the warnings serious, these monkeys are not scared of humans and will definitely take chances. I really enjoyed this area because the monkeys are free and are well taken care of.

From Ubud we went on an early morning trip to Tegalalang Rice Terrace. This was definitely my highlight when it comes to pictures scenery and something I would recommend to anyone. Make sure to get there early!

My personal favorite though was Seminyak. The hustle and bustle of this area is amazing. Again we stayed in an airbnb, since we were on the road the whole day I feel like airbnb's are a great budget option.

You have the most beautiful little boutique shops as well as great vegan restaurants, cafe's and clubs. One of my favorite spots was definitely Mexicola, they have amazing Mexican food and at night the whole place turns into a club.

From Seminyak we visited La Brisa Beach club, which is a beautiful beach club if you are looking for a chilled afternoon.

Other restaurants that I can definitely recommend in Seminyak are Sisterfields and Neonpalms , both have great vegan options.

I can't wait to go back and explore the local site of Bali, this time hopefully with Ary by my side :) Bali has many highlights and I tried to keep it short this time.

What I would like to also say is that Stomach Bugs are no joke. I rarely get sick when it comes to my stomach and was very careful about what I ate and drank but it really got me. Luckily it's usually gone as fast as it comes, however I can really recommend boosting your immune system and flora as much as possible during such a trip.

Please make sure to support ethical tourism wherever you go, like many locations in the world animal entertainment like elephant riding or the exploitation and holding of the topi luwak civet are very popular under tourist. Please read up about any form of animal exploitation and the background before you support these places. We stand strongly against animal abuse and urge you to do the same.

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