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A Positive Outlook to Troubling Times

I am a positive person, so in a bad situation I always try and look on the bright site.

Corona starting, I was honestly not taking it seriously enough. Later, when the corona negativity (finally) hit me I was looking for the deeper meaning, something spiritual that would explain all of this so that I would not become super depressed and pessimistic.

And I am sure I am not the only one that needs to hear / read this.

Corona had a devastating effect on EVERYONE! Some people were definitely affected more than others by losing their whole livelihood or family members, but I feel like in the first time, since I have been alive, the whole world is literally affected and that is why we really are all in this together.

When lockdown started, I was like, YEAH, finally some time for myself. I was also so very grateful to see mother earth breathe. How wonderful is it for so much wildlife to be coming back? Dolphins and Dungons are swimming closer to our shores, Wild Boars and Cougars are visiting the cities, I feel like this is definitely one of the positive outcomes.

Humans could finally learn to co exist with wildlife and nature.

Later on, I started to feel the frustration.

Being in the hospitality industry, one of the industries most affected by covid-19, has been extremely challenging. Trying to provide leadership to my team but also looking after the business and mostly really missing connecting with people, which is what I love most about my job. As an extrovert I really need people around me, so things started to get to me.

By the way, psychologist believe that whilst everybody is affected, extroverts suffer way more from corona because they just really need the human connection.

On top of that, my vacations were canceled. I love traveling plus I was very upset to not be able to go see my family and friends in Germany.

As an optimist my search for the positive had started. What was the meaning of this? How could we grow from something so frustrating and devastating?

What I can see is that people in general have started to really appreciate the small things. Grabbing a smoothie at your favorite place or meeting friends for dinner at a restaurant.

I love eating out, so for me those were definitely high on the list and things I appreciate even more now. This feeling of gratefulness for the small things is something we need to learn to really cherish.

I also think people have made more effort of traveling through their own country. Something we should ALL be doing way more often. There is so much beauty around us, we don’t have to travel far. So, if your amazing vacation was postponed, look for something local to do, the options are endless and once you start looking, I can assure you, you will find some true gems. Plus, your local tourist and hospitality industry really needs you more than ever now.

I also believe that this whole phase is pushing us to find our true passion, it is pushing us to review our lives. Am I happy with where I am? What are my goals? Where do I want to be 3 or 5 years from now? Because everything is so uncertain these questions are extremely magnified at the moment. I know that right now this is not a nice feeling but give yourself time, understand that this is a process that we all have to go through and focus on the goal.

Also, whilst the media of course focuses on all the drama, covid has really brought people together. Neighbors started supporting each other, people are donating food parcels and people are just generally nicer to each other. Being literally locked down is showing us how much we actually need each other; how much we shouldn't take a friendly smile for granted. Take this time to reconnect to old friends and connect deeper with your current once, even if maybe you can't physically see each other.

So many people have lost their jobs, it is truly devastating. However, I also see so many people standing up from this devastation and rebuilding. Building something new and becoming entrepreneurs, which is truly beautiful and empowering. People are finally getting the kick they need to start their own thing and they are also finally following their heart. Sometimes a closed door is just what we need to open a new and better one.

So, if you have lost your job, don't despair, there is something bigger and better waiting for you, you just need to open your eyes.

If you still have a job and the conditions are not as good as they used to be, don't complain and be grateful that your company is trying everything to keep alive.

I know that it is frustrating, we want to advance and feel like we are stuck but instead of fighting it, relax into it and try to see why the world is stopping? Not only on a global level but from where you are. What can you review and learn to do better or change? Use this time wisely, whatever that means for you, reading a book or just doing nothing and giving yourself a much-needed break, or starting your own business. Try to do something you always wanted to do but never had the time. Be sure to know that NOW is the time. Be creative with this time and cherish it, start to plan a new and better you.

The Universe is literally forcing us to change, I think for years it has tried to wake us up, to follow our hearts and now it took something drastic and hopefully we will all realize that.

I for one, know that I will probably never have this much time again, I make the most of going out with my husband (when we are not on lock down) and appreciating this time together, being creative, working on our home and my dreams. Sure, I hit the lows, and that's okay. The lows are part of life and part of our endless journey. But then we need to remind ourselves of all of the above and find our motivation again. It's like growing pains, right now the whole world is growing.

Most importantly, look out for yourself during this time. Don't try and push yourself to hard, do what's good for you. Find the things you enjoy and when you have a bad day, realize that that's okay too, call a friend or even spend a day in bed, tomorrow is another day.

I hope that this post gave you a little more of a positive outlook, no matter why you needed it.

What positive change has come out of corona for you? I would love to hear your story.

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