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5 Ways to Empower Yourself, Queen!

Welcome to our very first blogpost! How exciting is that? We really do appreciate everyone who is with us from day 1 and is reading these lines right now.

Our goal and idea behind Sincerelylove is to empower, support and inspire women with positivity, kindness and empathy to become the best version of themselves. So women empowerment is a topic that is very close to our hearts. For us every woman is beautiful, strong and has tremendous potential.

So let’s get the ball rolling and start with 5 ways on how to empower yourself and discover your full potential!



I think this is the ground rule and foundation of true empowerment. We as women tend to put others first. We tend to drop our own stuff in order to meet the needs of our parents, friends or boyfriends/hubbies. But we need to understand that there is nothing selfish in putting ourselves first. On the contrary, it’s necessary. Only if we love and care about ourselves in the first place, we’ll have the confidence, strength and time to chase our own goals, live up to our full potential and be there for our loved ones in a healthy way.

So how exactly can you put yourself first? I’d say the most important thing is getting comfortable to say ‘no’. Don’t feel pressured to do stuff you don’t want to or have no time for. I promise you, the more you say ‘no’ the easier it will get. Prioritise your own shit unapologetically, queen!


I think one example that really hit the spot for me when it came to learning to putting myself first is this: Imagine yourself as a vase full of water. Now imagine glasses around you. One of those glasses might be your job, one might be your family, your friends, husband etc. Every time you put others first, you pour some of your water into one of these glasses until, well until you find yourself empty.

If you put yourself first however, you will literally overflow with water that will fill up these glasses.




This one is very important. Even though I’m a fan of a healthy competition, comparing yourself to other women can be self-destructive though. All this thinking about “oh, I wish I looked like her” or “I’ll never be as successful as her” will only make you unhappy. And it doesn’t really make any sense, if you think about it. How do we compare ourselves? By which measurement? Everyone is different. Everyone is on a different journey, with different looks, skills, talents, advantages and disadvantages.

Instead, choose amazing women as role models. People you can learn from. Surround yourself with like-minded boss ladies and support each other. The only one you should really compare and compete with is with yourself! Think about what you could do better today to outdo your past self and get closer to the woman you aspire to be!


I think this goes hand in hand with loving yourself. You need to truly love and appreciate yourself to not feel the need to compare yourself. You might think: Oh, how I wish I had her smile. She might feel exactly the same way about your smile. We always want what we don’t have and it’s a very unhealthy obsession. I once asked my husband: How often do you look at yourself in the mirror and judge yourself?” His answer: “never”. I do this on an almost daily basis. Something that women in my generation (generation y) have been taught to do, find what is wrong with us and change it. I love the z generation and envy them. Young girls not wearing a drop of makeup, no bra and wild curly hair, embracing their flaws and learning that their flaws are what makes them beautiful. That’s how it should be!




Keeping a long story short: Don't depend on others to make you happy. Don’t expect too much from other people. Every human being is responsible for their own happiness. It doesn’t matter which cards you got dealt with. Things might not be your fault but it’s still your responsibility to build a happy life. I know, this sounds a little rough, but sometimes we all need a little tough love, ladies. Don’t wait for prince charming to save you, you got this yourself, Sis!


Happiness should be how we measure success. In my opinion the happier you are = the more successful you are at life! Not the richer you are = the more successful you are!


Do material things improve life? Yes! I am not going to lie to you, it is nice to have nice things BUT we get used to them. The happiness your new car brought you when you got it will gradually become less until you will want a new car and will think that that new car is what you need to be happy. You need to find ultimate happiness with who you truly are. Your career, your material belongings, your looks, they might all fade one day.




We need to be physically and mentally strong in order to achieve our goals and dreams. So working on implementing healthy habits is vital and an act of self love. Healthy habits that strengthen and empower us are for everyone different but examples can be reading, journaling, eating healthy, drinking enough water, exercising, meditating, walking, sleeping enough etc.

BUT wait a second, this is intimidating, right?!

Yes, it's easier said than done because our damn brain loooves our comfort zone and to fly on autopilot. BUT we need to break out of the comfort zone to live up to our potential. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. I think we all made the mistake to try to change literally everything overnight. But this approach doesn’t work and it’s not sustainable. Change is hard and a long term process. Focus on one new habit at a time (e.g. eating healthy). If you got that one, try to implement another hard one (e.g. going to the gym 2-3 a week).


I think investing in yourself means taking yourself and your dreams seriously. If you want to lose 5kg, go for it! If you want to study at 40, go for it! You want to start being healthier? Go for it! Whatever it is and no matter what ANYONE says, go for it. After all you are living this life for YOU and not for anyone else. Cut off the haters and do you.




Last but not least: Stay Positive! And by that, I don’t mean to smile every second and be happy 24/7. This is impossible. We are all human and have bad days. But this is completely normal and belongs to the process. Staying positive means that even on hard days you know there are better ones ahead. It means to maybe take a break, take care of yourself and to rest but to never give up! Every step brings you closer to your dream life. Enjoy the process, ladies!


I am an optimist by heart, so for me it’s very easy to stay positive. People like to tell me I live in the clouds and they might think I sometimes dream too much. But honestly, if I can dream it, it can become reality and so far most of my dreams have come true. I believe in the power of manifestation but more to that another day. So how do you stay positive if you are a pessimist? I think it can be utmost difficult to start thinking positive if your whole life you have been taught to be prepared for the worst. Try and take it step by step and realize when those negative thoughts are creeping in again, then shut them down and think of what the best outcome could look like.

We hope you enjoyed reading our first blogpost and that one or the other tip helped you guys. We always want you to feel happy and empowered after visiting our page. In the next blogposts we will for sure also dive deeper in each of these points. Hit us up for any question or comment! :)



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