About Us

Welcome to our Blog!

What can we tell you about ourselves?

We met back in 2008 in Hamburg, Germany, when Aryana joined the school Léah was attending, since then we have been really good friends.

It’s now been over 10 years and even though our lives have developed very differently - Aryana traveled through the world and is now back in Hamburg, whilst Léah is now living in Namibia -

we are still friends and have so many topics that seem to make us both smile, keep us up at night or make us really angry.

Being both in our late 20’s and seeing ourselves as strong independent women we were sure that we are not the only ones that wonder about our skin care routine, our next career step or if all husbands and boyfriends seem to miss the laundry basket.


So we decided to open up this blog and write about the things that move us, to inspire you or give you advice when you need it. Basically, we wanted to create a platform for strong women.

We would love to hear from you and hope you enjoy this blog about life and all it’s got to give!

- L  & A